Offline Radio

The cheeky, unpredictable, but loveable, duo present an hour of fun, mayhem and naturally funny ‘on-air’ banter that helps doing daily chores like ironing, studying and school runs a bit less boring!

Every week, they update listeners with the latest quirky stories, and always mention their most recent Twitter followers. As well as competitions, other regular features include ‘Ask Alexa’, ‘Who Swallowed the Helium?’, ‘Rewind and Play’, ‘Watch Me Whip’, ‘Joker John’ and ‘Mike’s Moan a Minute.’

Ginger and Nuts certainly have the ‘common touch’ and a unique ability to engage and interact with listeners on all forms of connected listening, which has helped them achieve ‘Best Community Radio Show’ status. And, according to the latest stats, their biggest audience is in the UK, but have a large following in Denmark, California, Virginia, Florida, Germany, Ireland, Ukraine and France!

Big brands like Disney On Ice, Halo Top Ice Cream, Empire Cinemas, Lush and many others have worked in partnership with Ginger and Nuts, who are continuing to grow in popularity. They have also interviewed an array of celebrities like Britt Ekland, Derek Acorah, John Challis (‘Boycie), Gloria Gaynor, and not forgetting, the late Sir Ken Dodd.

Off Air, Darren (‘Nuts’) struggles with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, as well as Fibromyalgia - a chronic debilitating disability.

Drop Ginger and Nuts and email - mail@liveinthestudio.co.uk

Visit their website for the latest news and gossip – www.bestradioshow.co.uk